Bouquet Subscription

We are pleased to announce openings in our Spring Bouquet Subscription. Each week for 8 weeks—from approximately mid-April to mid-June—you will receive a fresh, handcrafted bouquet of local spring flowers. On average, each bouquet will contain 15 to 18 stems, wrapped in kraft-paper sleeves or your provided vase. Pick-up is at the farm and at a satellite location (TBD) in Charlottesville; Charlottesville-area delivery is available for a nominal fee.

Spring Season (8 weeks, mid-April to mid-June)    $120.00

Summer 8-week Subscription (mid-June to mid-August)     $120.00

Summer 12-week Subscription (mid-June to mid-August)     $160.00

Optional delivery for season    $30.00


We are excited to announce we are offering three different subscription services for the 2021 Season. We have a 8-week Spring subscription, and 8- and 12-week Summer subscriptions. Each week, for the length of your subscription, you will receive 15 to 20 blooms (plus filler stems) in either a customer-provided vase or in a mason jar. Summer subscriptions will be available for pickup and delivery beginning in June.