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Floral Gifts

We’re happy to offer local products that make excellent gifts. Our gifts feature beautiful cut flowers and fragrant, sustainable herb plants grown right here at our farm in Earlysville. These are terrific for realtors looking for an eye-catching pop of color in your staging photos or a thoughtful gift for your clients at closing. Grown from a seed right down the road from their new home, these gifts can be the first step for your clients as they put down roots in their new home.


Cut Flower Arrangements

We provide locally-grown flowers and accents in a variety of arrangements, sizes and containers, varying from a simple splash of color to large arrangements. Small or medium bouquets in country chic vases make excellent accents all over your home, or for a more momentous occasion, a large arrangement of flowers and greenery from our farm, thoughtfully put together by our flower artists, make a dramatic statement. Available in Small, Medium and Large sizes


Herb Gardens

We offer a variety of edible herb plants, perfect for small gift vases. These plants will continue to produce culinary delights indefinitely with minimal maintenance in your kitchen garden, or will also flourish in the Central Virginia climate if planted outside. Herb varieties include basil, oregano, thyme and rosemary, and are offered in three colors of small vases, or as a set of up to three. 

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